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You are a business leader who excels at communicating difficult concepts to your customers.  Now you wish someone could explain cyber and privacy risk to you.

You’ve read the news.  Ransomware. Phishing. Social Engineering.  Data Breaches.  If that weren’t enough, regulators, customers and even vendors are asking about your cybersecurity program.
Just how digitally healthy are you? How well do you really understand the cybersecurity risks to your business?  Are you spending enough on cyber security?  Or are you spending too much?

76% of Businesses say they've experienced a Phishing Attack

Source: Wombat 2018 State of the Phish

Only 17% of Phishing Attacks are Reported

Source: Verizon 2018 DBIR

Average Cost of a Phishing Attack is $180,703

Source: NetDiligence Cyber Claims Study 2017

27% total breach cost savings if breach is contained within 30 days vs. if it takes longer than 30 days

Source: 2018 IBM Global Cost of Data Breach report

60% of small businesses hit by a cyber attack shut down within six months

Source: USLI Federal Trade Commission Statement, March 2017

When everything looks fine on the surface, it is hard to know what steps you can take now to be compliant and keep your information and reputation safe.

That is why we take a wellness approach to cybersecurity — to help you understand and mitigate your risks before the worst can happen.

Most Cyber-security programs focus on either on compliance or products.  But “check the box” programs or “silver bullet” products aren’t enough to protect your data, your balance sheet or your reputation.  Digital wellness is about more than risk awareness — it is about understanding the risks as they relate to your business, communicating those risks in a language you understand and developing a strategy that focuses on creating an environment for the right behaviors to mitigate risk.  We are here to provide the right plan, tools and guidance to support you on your path to digital health.

We deliver a human-factored approach to Cyber Risk to help you create Business Value

We focus on creating healthy digital behaviors that translate into real improvements in cyber risk from the board room to the break room. We translate the techno-speak of cyber-security and data privacy in a way that helps you appropriate frame its risk in the context of your business.  We help you build a program where cyber risk should is an enabler — not an impediment — to business value.  And, we offer this all within an efficient three part annual program which takes a human-factored approach to cyber risk and data privacy strategy, governance and behavior design.

Designed Privacy’s  3 Part Annual Digital Wellness Program

Our annual wellness program focuses on 3 key areas of cyber risk:  assessment, digital behavior and incidence response.


  1. We help you quantify your cyber risk in dollar terms, assess your current controls and governance and develop policies and plans of action to ensure compliance and strengthen your overall security posture.

  2. We focus on changing digital behaviors which lead to better outcomes when identifying and responding to phishing and other social engineering attacks which account for over 92% of malware according to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report.

  3. Our effective and efficient cyber incident simulation program enables you to quickly identify, respond and recover from incidents as they occur.

Our Digital Wellness Program provides you with tangible methods to develop and implement effective Cyber Risk strategies, governance and behavior design.

Annual Physical

Comprehensive Risk Assessment & Policy Development

Healthy Habits

Digitally Mindful Behavior Training


Incidence Response Simulation Programs

Current Thinking From Designed Privacy

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A story came out a few years ago showing that a former employee of an engineering firm continued to access the company’s systems long after leaving. The employee left the firm in 2013 to start his own company, but for two more years he used his old credentials to...

Are You Ready?

When it comes to cyber security there is no magic pill. Like any wellness program, digital wellness requires commitment–for the sake of your clients, your employees, your balance sheet and your reputation.

If you are ready to take digital wellness seriously, we know we can help. 

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