Comprehensive Risk Assessment

When you embark on any wellness journey, it helps to have a thorough understanding of where you are at the beginning—a baseline to tell you where you are already strong, and where you have room for improvement.

The Designed Privacy Cyber-Security Risk Assessment does just that.

Our Risk Assessment establishes a framework that helps you make cyber security decisions that relate directly to your current mission, strategy and business practices.

Why Do You Need a Cyber Risk Assessment?

  1. It May Be Required:  Regulations such as HIPPA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, NY Department of Financial Services are requiring Risk Assessments on an annual or bi-annual basis.
  2. It provides the basis for your security policy:  The Risk Assessment focuses on the cyber-risks inherent to your business so that you design a security program specifically for you and what you need to protect.
  3.  It provides the basis for determining how much to spend on cyber-security.   Designed Privacy’s Risk Assessment quantifies the risks your organization has in the one term we all understand:  dollars.  That helps you determine how much risk you are willing to accept, how much you are willing to spend to protect your assets and how much insurance you should purchase. 

Breaking Down the Designed Privacy Risk Assessment Program

Our Comprehensive Risk Management Process is the foundation of our annual Digital Wellness Program — We do a thorough work-up on your business and present you with not only findings, but help you put together the right policies and controls that fit your own risk profile.

  1. Full-body scan: we provide a big-picture assessment of the risks specific to your organization and help you quantify the cyber risk  in dollar terms.
  2. Blood work: utilizing vulnerability scans and penetration testing tools, we do a deeper dive to identify the threats, vulnerabilities and impacts to organizational assets;
  3. X-ray: we identify the underlying trends in the threat environment so proactive risk response strategies and courses of action can be defined;
  4. Environmental Impact: we conduct technical reviews of your strategic vendors to not only

help you assess your vulnerabilities, but help the vendor assess and manage theirs.

5. Prescription: we recommend steps your organization may wish to consider and help you develop policies and controls in order to mitigate or transfer risk.

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