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We speak your language

All too often, technology cloaks itself in jargon, acronyms even sci-fi allusions.  What happens is that the technology folks and the business leaders talk past each other.
When it comes to cyber risk, however, that’s not good enough.  Not when the balance sheet, reputation, the ability to stay in business is at stake.
Designed Privacy was created, first and foremost, to help business leaders like yourself to understand cyber risk in their terms, be confident of their approach to cybersecurity and data privacy and to leverage cyber risk as a value proposition for their business and customers.

We don’t simply mitigate risk — we help you extract value from risk

Designed Privacy believes that way companies extract value from risk is by taking a human-factored approach to the organization’s culture, processes and behaviors related to risk.  In this way, organizations are best prepared to understand how they can be best set up to leverage risk in a way that creates value to them and their customers.

That’s why we focus on digital wellness.  Not looking at ways to eliminate cyber-security and privacy risk but to understand that risk and to frame it within the context of the businesses value offerings.

The Designed Privacy Team

Doug Kreitzberg, Founder & CEO

Doug came out of the insurance world where he was CEO of USI Affinity since 2004, responsible for member based affinity programs and insurance program development for the professional, alumni and consumer markets.  In his last few years, as cyber insurance evolved and cyber incidents became more frequent, Doug saw a need to connect a value chain between defining, mitigating and transfer cyber risk which lead to the formation of Designed Privacy.

Are You Ready?

When it comes to cyber security there is no magic pill. Like any wellness program, digital wellness requires commitment–for the sake of your clients, your employees, your balance sheet and your reputation.

If you are ready to take digital wellness seriously, we know we can help. 

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