Expand your cybersecurity bandwidth.


It isn’t easy managing IT, even in the best of times. But now, it’s not just your company that’s asking what you are doing for cybersecurity and data privacy;  clients, regulators and even insurance companies are asking questions.

That’s where Designed Privacy comes in.  We take on your cybersecurity and data privacy compliance issues.  We help you build a plan to improve your security posture based on your risk, your resources, your timeframes.  We help you deal with governance and security awareness.

We bring you the time and expertise to handle it all.


Your cybersecurity and data privacy partner

Designed Privacy knows that the only way we can become successful is if you achieve the outcomes for cybersecurity and data privacy you need.  We realize that great partnerships are built on listening. On trust.  On accountability.  And, respect.

Our mission is simple.  To empower organizations to be cyber-resilient so they can thrive and succeed in this digital world.


Doug Kreitzberg, Founder/CEO

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