Human Risk


The key to managing cybersecurity and privacy risk is to address it’s largest attack surface:  the people who work in and for your organization.   In fact, 86% of all cybersecurity incidents are the result of a human error (source: Verizon).   We apply behavior design principles to mitigate human risk and achieve your compliance goals around governance and security awareness training.

Human Risk solutions we provide includes:

  • Security Culture Mapping
  • Behavior-Designed Governance
  • Security Awareness Training & Phishing Simulations

Security Culture Mapping:  Defining your boundaries

Effective methods to manage human risk begin with mapping its attributes that already exist within the culture of your organization.  Designed Privacy applies a proprietary risk mapping approach, via surveys combined with external and semiotic analysis, to help you define how risk is currently perceived and tolerated in your organization and what critical areas need to be addressed to better align the culture with the organization’s strategic relationship towards risk.


Behavior-Designed Governance:  Risk Management focused on Outcomes

All too often, cybersecurity governance is a check the box process which does little to guide either leadership or IT with regards to vulnerabilities, mitigations and overall cyber health of the organization.  Designed Privacy leverages behavior-design concepts to infuse governance with purpose, to focus on outcomes as opposed to activity and to provide both leadership and IT with a clear view of the state of organization relative to cyber threats.


The PhishMarket:  Behavior-Designed Awareness

Designed Privacy’s exclusvie PhishMarket security awareness program is a complete “plug and play” training and phishing simulation that was developed based on Stanford Professor BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design principles.  It combines micro-lessons with phishing simulations to promote healthy cybersecurity behaviors for your staff and other stakeholders.


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