Cybersecurity by Design


Cybersecurity should never exist in a vacuum.  It should always be designed to address the specific risks an organization faces.  We work with you to define those risks, assess the controls currently in place and provide solutions to address any vulnerabilities or compliance gaps to keep you secure and to meet your client, regulatory or insurance obligations.

Services we provide includes:

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessments
  • Compliance Readiness
  • Third Party Risk
  • Managed Security

Our Cybersecurity Assessment:  Risk transformed.

Designed Privacy’s risk assessment process focuses its analysis against the goals and objectives of the organization.   By doing so, we communicate risk in a manner that both business and technology leaders can understand and take action with — whether to improve security controls, make budget decisions or change operational processes to reduce the likelihood or impact of risk


Compliance Readiness:  Helping you meet your obligations

Our team is prepared to work with you to meet your compliance objectives, whether it is CMMC, HIPPA, FFIEC, NYDFS or simply the need to comply with client, lender or other business compliance.  We begin with those objectives, review existing policies and procedures against the objectives (using NIST CSF, 800-171, 800-53 or ISO 27002 as a framework) and update those policies and procedures as appropriate.  We will then review that the policies are being adhered to so that you will be in the best position if and when an audit occurs.


Third Party Risk:  Testing the links in your Supply Chain

Third Party Risk — risk from vendors or others in your supply chain that have access to your network — is one of the top causes of cyber insurance loss today.   And it’s often beyond the bandwidth of most organizations to address.  We provide you with a comprehensive third management risk process designed to triage and identify critical third party exposures as well as services to help mitigate those exposures to meet your risk and compliance needs.


Managed Security:  Identify, Assess and Respond

IT Departments in most organzations struggle to stay ahead of the daily needs to keep their systems tuned and running.  Effectively managing and responding to security alerts is often beyond their capabilities or expertise.  Designed Privacy solves this issue by providing managed security solutions — including EDR, XDR and Security Operations Center capabilities — in an efficient and effective form.  


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