Privacy as Strategy


The concept of privacy has taken on new meaning in this digital age.  In fact, one wonders if privacy can co-exist with a growth-oriented business approach.  Designed Privacy’s privacy practice answers with a resounding “yes” and infuses it’s services with both a compliance and value-creation mindset.

Services we provide includes:

  • Privacy Risk Design and Governance
  • Privacy Compliance Services
  • Privacy Risk Assessments
  • Managed Privacy Services

Privacy Risk Design and Governance:  Trust as Value

We work with you to help design a wholistic approach to privacy which unites the strategies and objectives of the organization with the privacy needs of its stakeholders to generate the fundamental unit of value: trust.


Privacy Compliance Services:  Compliance by Design

Our team works with you to both identify your privacy obligations and design a roadmap for you to meet those obligations without sacrificing the goals and objectives of your organization.


Privacy Risk Assessments:  Ahead of the curve

The privacy risk assessment is often a key part of understanding how capable the organization is of managing privacy risk.   It is typically a key component for our managed privacy clients and also as a separate project that is done when new regulations or new systems are introduced.  Designed Privacy’s assessment both quantifies the risks present, recommends solutions and articulates the key outcomes the organization is seeking.  


Managed Privacy:  Data Protection Officer as a Service

Designed Privacy provides comprehensive data privacy services for organizations that require or would like the services of a Data Protection officer, but doesn’t have the resources, bandwidth or expertise to insource this capability.  We provide an efficient alternative to address your overall privacy needs and objectives.

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