A while back a motel chain used the catch-phrase “We’ll keep the lights on for you.”  Unfortunately, many businesses do the same things when it comes to keeping the access to their systems available via what are called open ports.  Too many “lights” expand the number of ways a hacker can get into your system.  Even a light which should be on can be exposing a vulnerability.

Ports are the channels through which internet communications travel.  Each IP address has up to 65,535 ports.  And ports open up to a service (which runs a routine such as web browsers or file sharing or remote access). Obviously, we use the internet to communicate, so you need to have open ports.  The problem is when you either have ports which are open for everyone when they should be restricted only to those who need them or when the services themselves are not kept up to date or are improperly configured.

During this time of crisis, bad guys are ramping up to find vulnerabilities because they feel everyone is distracted.  Take the time to double check (or have your team double check) your ports, patch your systems and services as needed.  Run a vulnerability scan and address any findings it discovers.

Sometimes, improving your cybersecurity can be as easy as flicking a switch.

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